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What After Class 10 ?


Should I take Science? Should I take commerce? Or Should I take Arts? As a student, you would have those suspicions in your mind after you passed out of high school. For me when I passed from class 10, I got so many suggestions like, Bro you should opt for Science because then you can shift to any Degree Program after passing out from class 12. Many of my friends told me to choose arts mentioning that the knowledge you will get from your subjects is going to help in many government exams without getting burned out, especially in UPSC preparation.

Some of them suggested I should opt for commerce because there are professional courses like CA, CS, CMA and CFA which doesn’t mandatory want a commerce background but it makes the journey more comfortable throughout the course.

But what counts the most is what stream you want to continue to, which is why you are here to read this blog, right?

Whatever your subjects will, in the end, you will be the one to deal with all the topics during your course. At this crucial point, it becomes very important to choose your stream wisely and carefully.

I would like an example of my, So at that time I ended up opting Science stream in my 12, at the start of my class 11. I found chemistry and physics interesting and what about mathematics? Well, I suck at math so I won’t mention it. But those two subjects physics and chemistry I found initially Interesting, but days passed and I started feeling uncomfortable with those two subjects also. Why?

Because with great power comes great responsibility with that being said just after 5 months I sucked at those two subjects also. The reason behind that was is numerical. With interesting examples and fun facts in each chapter. I didn’t realize that I am going to face complex equations and formulas too. And as I said before, I suck at mathematics. Things started getting much harder for me. And gradually I started hating my subjects. But somehow I passed on the first attempt.

But Why I’m writing all these things which happened to me. Because I thought it will be helpful for you to decide your stream, isn’t it? To make things easy for you,

considering these mentioned points would be great:

  • Do you know your interests: Let’s say for me, Solo travelling is something which excites me. Do any of the subjects you are opting for excites you, like me, because it is necessary for you to check whether you feel some kind of excitement for your subject or not?
  • Did you get to know your stream deeply? : It is said that half knowledge is dangerous, in here do you know most of the aspects of your stream you are opting for. It is very important to know that will the career you are going to pursue is having a good scope in future or not.
  • Check your budget: It is very important to know whether your parents are willing to invest the required amount you stream wants?

Now let's move on to the options after class 10.

what after 10?

The first option which is used by the majority of the Students is:

1. Class 11 – Class 12

So this the something that the majority of students go for after passing class 10. Class 11 and 12. In class 11 you have options to choose three streams of your choice.

    1. Science – This is the most popular among students after class 10 not only students but among the parents also. The Science stream includes many lucrative career options such as Engineering, Medical and IT. One of the big Science students get is, they can choose their Bachelors degree from any streams. For Example, they can opt for B.com, and BA as well after opting for the science stream after class 12.
    2. Commerce- This is the second most popular choice among students after class 10. If you really love to play with numbers, Data and monetary calculations this stream would be a great option for you. Students opting for commerce students get a variety of skills which not just helps them in future studies but also helps them to know how a business works and how to starts their own Business. Apart from that commerce stream also makes you eligible to attempt some of the biggest exams like CA, CFA and CMA. Commerce students also get some benefits as Science stream’s students but just like science, they won’t be able to opt for any bachelor degree which has its base in Science stream. Commerce students will only able to choose degrees from Arts subjects.
    3. Arts- This is the thirds most popular stream among the students passing out from class 10, If you are someone who loves to read having a curious mind to know History, Politics, and Humanities this is going to be your stream. We all know the arts stream has not a reputable image in our society but still Arts stream offers some of the most reputable jobs in India like IAS. Although UPSC can be given by any graduate art students get benefits from their core subjects which cuts their efforts. As I said initially everything has its pros and cons so the arts stream have too. In this stream, students having their 12th class in Arts will not be able to choose bachelors from different streams like Science and Commerce.

      What after 10 ?

      2.Polytechnic/ Diploma Degree

      Students who recently passed from class 10 can also opt for a polytechnic/ diploma degree. This is a three-year degree. Students get to choose from many options like Mechanical, Chemicals, Automobile, Computer Science etc. You can call this degree a mini B.Tech degree. Where you get to know things practically and it also fulfils the requirement of class 12. There are so many top tier govt and private colleges across the country some of them offers direct admission on the basis of class 10 marks and some of them offer admission on the basis of entrance test conducted by the respective college. After completing polytechnic degree students also get to sit in placements drive conducted by their college.

      What after 10?

      3.ITI ( Industrial Training Institutes)-

      ITI is also a technical degree focused more on practical learning. Just like Polytechnic and B.tech, you get to chose from many options like Diesel Mechanic, Electrician, Mechanical, Fitter etc. ITI courses can be completed in short term and long terms as well. Core branches like Electrical, Mechanical can take up to three years to complete, and Branches like computer programmer, Secretary can be completed in one year. After completing any ITI degree you can enrol yourself in the National Apprenticeship portal from where you can apply for apprenticeships offered by many big Indian Govt Companies like Indian Railways, BHEL, SAIL, BCCL etc. If you are someone who doesn’t want to waste his/her so many years studying and eagerly wants a job as quick as possible then ITI would be a wise choice.


      4.Short Terms Courses-

      After passing from class 10 students can opt for professional courses offered by Private and Government training centres. Although it won’t be helpful in the long run of your career. But can give you the skill to help yourself in need. You can go for courses like Tally GST, DCA, DTP, Graphic Design etc.



      After class 10 you can opt for Paramedical courses this would be equivalent to a polytechnic/ITI degree. Paramedical courses can take 6 months to 2 years. Many institutes offer Diploma and certificate courses. After completion of the course, students can work in fields like Government hospital, NGOs, Nursing Homes, Medical colleges, Laboratories etc.

Final Words

There are much more options are available after class 10, But I have mentioned the most popular and beneficial ones. Any career option can be good future-oriented what you need to do is work hard on your goals, Equal amount of determination and patience can do miracles so you can. What you need is honesty, you have to be honest with yourself and you are ready to make anything happen. If you liked my article make sure to come again for more posts like this one.





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